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cnr.cn308k DWT VLCC COSDIGNITY LAKE Is Named for Delivery by DSIC

On May 2,  DSIC held a  naming & delivery ceremony for No.64 308k DWT VLCC COSDIGNITY LAKE constructed for Dalian Oil Transport under COSCO Shipping, which is the 2nd VLCC delivered to COSCO Shipping. Tripartite representatives signed the delivery and acceptance protocols on behalf of DSIC, COSCO Shipping and CSOC respectively.  COSCO Shipping Energy Transport Co., Ltd. GM Liu Hanbo, CSOC Deputy GM Zhang Yuhuan and DSIC leaders Liu Zheng, Yu Fengping and Deng Changlian attended the ceremony.


Liu Zheng said in his speech, COSDIGNITY LAKE is the 2nd VLCC delivered to COSCO Shipping by DSIC since a merger between COSCO and China Shipping, which is of great significance. The COSCO Shipping newly set up last year has made a new breakthrough in its business scale, who has possessed four world No1s like the world first fleet integrated carrying capacity. DSIC has great honor in being able to continue cooperation with and deliver projects to the specialized companies under COSCO Shipping. In the past 30-year history of cooperation, DSIC has contracted more than 140 ships of different types from COSCO and China Shipping in accumulation, amounting to 1.7 million deadweight tons,  for which those orders have fully reflected good and close partnership between the parties. DSIC is the shipbuilder with the highest building performances in VLCCs, accounting for 10% of global VLCC fleet in quantity. The COSDIGNITY LAKE named for delivery today is an energy-saving, environment-friendly and anti-sediment VLCC tailor made for COSCO Shipping by DSIC, whose comprehensive indicators of speed and fuel oil consumption are leading domestic and among the first-class level worldwide. Taking the naming delivery of the vessel as a new start, DSIC shall, based on the principle of mutual benefits and win-win solution between shipowner and shipbuilder, continue to optimize design, refine management on production, and work harder to improve various indicators for the following vessels so as to build up a series of fine projects for COSCO Shipping.


Liu Hanbo stressed in his speech, As the world first oil tanker fleet in carrying capacity scale and sole LNG transport enterprise in China, COSCO Shipping has always been shouldering the mission to safeguard national energy transport and safety. Currently, we are transforming from the world No.1 in scale to the world No.1 in influence, from shipping regulations participant to international shipping regulations maker. For years, we have devoted to development of VLCC, along with delivery of COSDIGNITY LAKE and her following sister vessels one after another, our fleet scale will be further expanded while fleet structure being further upsizing, younger and modernized, and performance ability of domestic oil by domestic transport and the national Belt and Road strategy being further strengthened.


It is said that, the COSDIGNITY LAKE is the 4th energy-saving and anti-sediment VLCC in this series tailor made for COSCO Shipping, featuring in safety, and environmental friendliness and economy, which is 333 meters LOA, 60 meters BD and 308k DWT max. carrying capacity, where not only the problem of sediment deposition in ballast tanks over years has been solved, but also her indicator of rapidity has taken a lead worldwide. 

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