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Affiliated Companies

 DSIC Offshore Structure Co., Ltd   


DSIC Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd

DSIC Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as DSICEM) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSIC (Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd) and was registered and founded on 17th Dec. 2009.


As a representative of DSIC, DSICEM will build itself into a leading and top-notch backbone enterprise in the heavy industry, into a manufacturer and supplier of heavy equipment with the capacity of manufacturing large and complete sets of equipment, into an engineering management company with the ability of contracting and managing large projects and into a hi-tech enterprise that helps to build the brand of í░DSICí▒ in heavy industry and owns independent intellectual rights.


DSICEM inherits the strategy of diversified development from DSIC and has determined the target of development in eight major sectors of heavy industry, including nuclear power equipment, boiler and pressurized container, seawater desalination, large industrial equipment, large lifting equipment, port machinery, steel structure for buildings, wind power, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, marine and offshore equipment and will cooperate with leading companies home and abroad through independent R&D, technical introduction and joint ventures.


As to production facilities, DSICEM has inside and outside production bases, including í░Boiler and Pressurized Container, Post Terminalí▒ and etc. The total production area is about 170000m2, including 60000m2 workshop. Its annual capacity of steel cutting has reached 60000t and annual capacity of manufacture has exceeded 50000t. DSICEM has the engineering and technical strength in independent production and design of large heavy-industry equipment, steel cutting, riveting, machining, assembly and test, terminal loading, installation and adjustment. DSICEM could integrate resources inside and outside DSIC and give play to its unique advantages, which further strengthens its capacity in manufacturing heavy-industry equipment.


Sanshilipu Port Industrial Area under construction is a 500000m2 heavy-industry base and enjoys convenience in transportation. Shenda Highway, Hada Road, Changda Railway and Coastal Road pass through the area from north to south. The new base has a 350m coast line and will build a terminal (length: 714m and draft: -7m). Once completed, this heavy industry base will have Steel Processing Workshop, Stainless Steel Processing Workshop, Seawater Desalination Workshop, Boiler and Pressurized Container Workshop, Building Steel Structure Workshop, Large Industry Equipment Workshop, Wind Power Steel Structure Workshop, Module Workshop, Structure Workshop, Painting Workshop and Outdoor Workshop; and various lifting equipment, 8000t hydraulic press, dedicated moulding press, heating furnace, welding equipment, numeric control cutter, gantry cutter, bending roll and other advanced equipment to meet the production demand in target sector.


DSICEM has inherited technical strength and abundant experience of DSIC accumulated in past years. Led by industrial experts, the 100-member R&D team has made breakthroughs in all related sectors. DSICEM could also resort to DSIC Ship Research Institute for design when undertaking production tasks and has strong capacity in detailed design and production of various products.


DSICEM has built a complete quality and safety management system and implements from all aspects the quality policy of í░elaborate design, careful management, precise manufacture, sincere services and pursuit of perfectioní▒. Staff creates and enjoys the safe and healthy working environment under the logo of í░care of life and green shipbuildingí▒.


Under the concept of í░pursuit of excellence and robust growth of DSICí▒, DSICEM will be dedicated in expanding continuously the heavy industry and making contributions to the improvement of equipment manufacture in China.

DSIC Ship Engineering Co., Ltd

DSIC Ship Engineering Co., Ltd has a centuryí»s history of ship repair and is a leading enterprise of ship repair in China. The Company has accumulated technical strength and could repair ships in accordance with specifications of classification societies in China, UK, Norway, USA and France as well as international conventions and standards.


The Company has a complete range of production equipment, one 10000t and one 5000t slipways and one 100000t berth and is capable of repairing oil tankers, cargo vessels, fishing vessels, Ro-Ro vessels, engineering vessels and offshore platforms as well as reconstruction and augmentation of ships. Te Company has provided satisfactory services to shipping companies home and abroad and won their trust by the elaborate processes and technologies, flexible operation, favorable price and reasonable cycle of repair.


Entering into 21st century, Chinaí»s economy has been on a track of fast growth and exerts increasingly greater influence on the global market. Due to long distance of transportation and large volume of cargos, about 90% of exported cargoes in China shall be transported by ships. The rapid economic growth has stimulated greatly the growth of freight traffic related with Chinaí»s export. As a result of the robust international shipping market, increasing orders of ships and offshore structures, growing number of ships in services and serious aging, we expect an upsurge in ship reconstruction. Ship repair market will keep the rapid and steady momentum of growth in future ten years, which will bring unprecedented opportunities of development to Chinaí»s ship repair industry. The output value of ship repair has been growing with an average rate above 30% each year, the same for profits. Enterprises need to expand their own advantages. Ship repair sector is a part of ship industry and has also strong independence and high profit. The development of ship repair industry is inseparable from the improvement of shipbuilding technologies. Hence, the company needs to diversify its operation and improve its comprehensive competitiveness by relying on the shipbuilding technical strength and talent advantages of DSIC, building new ship repair base and exploring ship repair business. By grasping the great opportunity for ship repair development and looking into the future, DSIC has been working hard in building the new ship repair base, i.e. a ship repair construction project under DSIC Ship Engineering Co., Ltd, which will turn the Company into an important base of ship repair in Northern China, boost the Companyí»s capacity in ship repair and reconstruction and sharpen its competitive edge in the global market.


DSIC Ship Engineering Co., Ltd is now at the preparatory stage. The project aims to build the annual capacity of repairing 86 ships (in range of 70,000DWT~300,000DWT) and reconstructing three 300,000t vessels. The Company will launch its operation in 2011 and engage in hi-tech and high value-added repair and reconstruction of large ships, special ships and offshore structures. The Company will target at following types of ships: VLOC, VLCC, large container vessels, LNG, LPG, chemical tankers, Ro-Ro vessels, Suezmax, Aframax, Capesize, Panama bulk carries and other types of medium and small vessels. By grasping the opportunity, speeding up the progress of construction, improving the projectí»s quality and reducing the investment cost, DSIC Ship Engineering Co., Ltd has the confidence to build an excellent ship repair base and lay a solid foundation for continuous development and consolidation of DSICí»s production and operation.


The Company will stick to human-based and scientific management to explore the ship repair market and build a top-notch enterprise.

Angang Steelí¬DSIC Dalian Steel Processing and Distribution Co., Ltd

Angang Steelí¬DSIC Dalian Steel Processing and Distribution Co., Ltd was founded on 25th Nov. 2004, with a registered capital of RMB380 million. It occupies an area of 150000m2 and floorage of 70000m2.


It is the first company specialized in steel processing and distribution for shipbuilding in China. It was jointly founded by two giant SOEs---Angang Steel and DSIC and has witnessed the strategic alliance between shipbuilding and steel industries for the first time.


The Company engages mainly in steel processing and fabrication of structural members. Endowed with the state-of-the-art steel processing equipment in China and based on the technical and R&D strength of DSIC and Angang Steel, the Company can meet the demand for preprocessing, cutting and processing of various steel plates and fabrication of some T bars and profile structures.


Clients: The Company provides products now only to DSIC and its associated companies in the short term and will serve Bohai-Rim shipbuilders in the long term.


Major equipment includes: steel pre-processing production line, T-bar and profile automatic production line, numeric control scribing machine, numeric control cutting machine, 1000T hydraulic press, 2000T bending rolls.


The Company was put into operation officially in Oct. 2008, the steel processing volume was 400000t in 2009 and was expected to reach 600000t in 2010.


Address: No. 40, Northeast Road, Xigang District, Dalian

Correspondence Address: No. 1, Haifang Street, Xigang District, Dalian

Tel: 0411-84483380

Fax: 0411-84482123

E-mail: [email protected]

DSIC Outfitting Co., Ltd


DSIC Outfitting Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of DSIC and engages mainly in producing shipí»s outfits, fabrication of pipes and ship units, painting and plastic coating. It is also a large base for assembly and distribution of ship outfits, pipes, ship units and modules.


The Company is located inside Beihai Industrial Zone, Dalian Bay, Ganjingzi District and enjoys location advantages and convenient transportation. The Company occupies a land area of 220000m2 and floorage of 100000m2 and has 660 sets of various equipment and 700 employees. Based on the advanced layout for ship assembly in the world, the Company divides its professional workflow into three areas: fabrication of steel outfits, sandblasting, painting and assembly; pipe fabrication, painting and assembly; and fabrication of ship units and modules. Each area has dedicated workshops and facilities and advanced equipment. Some key equipment are introduced in respectively from the UK, USA, Germany, Norway and Japan. The Company could produce a variety of large ship outfits and units in accordance with specifications of classification societies from some ten countries, including China, UK, Norway, the USA, France, Germany and Japan, and international conventions and standards.


The Company conforms to the environmental requirements for production of civil and military products and passed the accreditation by New Era Accreditation Center under GB/T19001-2000 and GJB9001A-2001, the review of military/civil product quality system by DNV under ISO9001-2000, the review of í░dual systemí▒ (safe production and environmental protection system) by DNV under OHSAS18001:1999 and ISO14001:2004 and the review and inspection of safe production, environmental protection, industrial labor health and fire control by Dalian authorities.


Based on the guideline of integrated shipbuilding, diversified investment, socialized production, professional cooperation and local supply and the strategy of diversified operation, the Company has helped a batch of professional partners and suppliers to form the industrial cluster and chain for supply of ship outfits, which has brought along the development of local economy.


At present, the Company upholds the team spirit of í░harmony, striving, precision and innovationí▒, implements deeply the concept of í░scientific developmentí▒, optimizes the mode of economic growth, continues the reform and innovation and improves continuously the production capacity. The Company has built the production capacity of supplying ship outfits for DSIC and Dalian region, i.e. 6 million ton shipbuilding capacity by 2010 and 8.5 million ton by 2020. By then, the Company will become a leading enterprise for ship outfitting in China.


Address: Tuchengzi, Dalian Bay, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning

P.C: 116113

Tel: 86-411-84485588

Fax: 86-411-84485776

E-mail: [email protected]


DSIC Ship Industry Co., Ltd     

 DSIC Steel Engineering Co., Ltd 

Dalian Fishing Vessel Co., Ltd     

DSIC Industrial Development Co., Ltd

DSIC Industrial Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a modern medium-scale shipbuilding enterprises with independent legal status and right of import and export under DSIC. The Company has been issued with í░Shipbuilding and Repair Qualification Certificateí▒ by Port of Dalian Authority.


Since its foundation in 1993, the Company has been awarded subsequently with the title of Liaoning Star Enterprise, AAA Chinese Enterprises with Best Images, Centennial China Quality Double-Best Unit and Buyersí» Favorite Companies. In 2003, the Company has passed the accreditation of quality management system under ISO9001:2000 by China Classification Society Quality Accreditation and the UK Royal Quality Association.


Its Changxing Shipyard is located in Port Industrial Zone, Changxing Island of Dalian, famous for its elegant environment. It is about 130Km away from Dalian by land and 110 nautical miles by sea. The plant occupies an area of 260000m2, has one 30000t and one 5000t slipways and 20 cranes (80T, 50T and 20T). It has also equipment and independent production capacity for steel preprocessing, plasma cutting, gantry cutting, cold processing, machining and welding.


The Company upholds the business tenet of í░Abiding by the contract and pursuit of reputationí▒ and the quality policy of í░Best quality, excellent service, customer satisfaction and honestyí▒. The Company has built 200 ships for Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Chinese and Norwegian clients in accordance with specifications of classification societies, including NK, CCS, DNV, BV, ABS and GL since 1993. Maximum size of ships: 100mí┴30mí┴6m covered barge, 91.4mí┴27.4mí┴6.09m diving lighter, 124mí┴26mí┴7m dump barge, 110m1í┴1.45mí┴3.65m river container vessels, 2400HP towboat and etc. The Company built 100m x 12m x 13.8m dock gate for DSICí»s 300000t dock. The dock gate had a successful First Inspection and airtight test (the first in China). The Company built the globally largest buoyancy tank for COSCO Shipyard (Dalian) (about 11000t), davit arms and transitional sections (about 100 sets) for Austria Liebherr (Nanxing). The Company has become the largest base for manufacture of davit arms and transitional sections in Asia for Liebherr. The Company has repaired 60 ships. It has won the trust and favorable comments from users home and abroad for its quality excellence and reputation.


Other subsidies of the Company could provide pipeline fabrication, fiberglass products and insulated products for shipbuilders.


Under the wise leadership and support of DSIC, the Company has developed gradually the business layout of fabricating davit arms for small and medium ships and Liebherr, building large steel structures and supplying parts for ships and marching towards the target of building first-class and world-oriented base of small and medium shipsí▒.

  TTS Bohai Machinery (Dalian) Co., Ltd   ()

DSIC Explosion Working Research Institute Co., Ltd

 DSIC Tool Industry Co., Ltd 

DSIC Jinchuan Industry Co., Ltd

DSIC Jinchuan Industry Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of DSIC, a leading enterprise in Chinaí»s shipbuilding sector. The Company engages mainly in transportation and manufacture in addition to its printing and property management services.


As to transportation, it has a major client of DSIC and extends also its service network across China. It has about 170 vehicles, including 80~324t block transporters, overhead working trucks, 3~8t forklifts, 10~60T semi-trailers, 8~50T truck cranes and small and medium vans and offers services across China (not including Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, H.K and Macao). Its state Level I and Class-I Vehicle Repair Plant also undertakes outside tasks.


As to manufacture, the Company produces supplementary products for Chinese shipyards. It has a production area about 40000m2 and enjoys a complete range of production facilities, including cutting, molding, welding, machining and lifting. Its product line includes ship outfits, marine cranes, aluminum gangway ladder, air pressure head, expansion joints, filters, pipeline, dock gate, environmental protection device and steel frames (large, medium and small steel structures). Its manufacture division has passed the accreditation under ISO9001-2000 (International Quality System) and its products have passed the type approval of DNV, LR, GL, ABS and CCS. The Company produces marine cranes in cooperation with ACTA (Denmark), which are supplied to domestic shipbuilders and also exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Russia and Spain. Its manufacture division has also Class-B Level I qualification for ship repair.


Its subsidiary-Dalian Jin Hai Sheng Marine Product Co., Ltd, is the only company specialized in production of cabin wallboards, ceilings, fireproof doors and other decorative products in Bohai-Rim.


Printing and property management: Besides DSIC, it also offers services to other clients.


The Company would like to provide sincere services to all clients.


DSIC Painting Co., Ltd

DSIC Painting Co., Ltd is the secondary subsidiary with legal status under DISC and its predecessor was Dalian Shipyardí»s Painting Workshop. It was registered as a corporate legal entity in Sep. 1984 with a registered capital of RMB1.85 million and engages mainly in painting of ships, offshore structures and steel structure.


The Company has a strong team of designers, managers and workers, including 20 engineers with certificates above junior college and 140 skilled workers above medium level (including four senior skilled workers and sixteen skilled workers). This professional team of workers is capable of completing high-standard painting work. Especially, the Company boasts the worker team with the longest history in China capable of working under all weather conditions. Until now, the team has completed special painting of 60 large and medium chemical/product oil tankers. The quality and speed have reached the international advanced level and are highly spoken by shipowners and military buyers. The Company has been enjoying great reputation home and abroad.


The Company has a painting workshop installed with advanced facilities and can perform painting under all weathers. The Company has also two sets of advanced special painting equipment, which enables the Company to undertake various painting tasks.


Along with its business expansion, the Company has also developed partnership with outside worker teams with proper qualifications through long-term cooperation, which supports further development of the Company.


The Company upholds the business management concept of í░Put Reputation and Customer First and Pursuit of Top-Classí▒ and has built a complete management mechanism and implements scientific management. The Company has passed the quality review and accreditation by New Era, DNV and Navy Equipment Shenyang Bureau. It has been appraised as í░Abiding by Contract and Trustworthy Unitsí▒ by Dalian municipal government for fifteen consecutive years, as í░Advanced Unit in CSSCí▒ for two consecutive years and been awarded the title of í░Advanced Unití▒ in Dalian and DSIC for many times.


The Company would like to provide satisfactory services to customers by its quality excellence, reliable schedule and reasonable price.


Company Address: No.1, Yanhai Street, Xigang District, Dalian

P.C: 116005

Tel: 84486537


Dali-steelworks Co., Ltd  


Profile of DSIC Transportation Co., Ltd

DSIC Transportation Co., Ltd was founded in Jul. 1992 as a wholly-owned SOE subsidiary of DSIC. The Company passed the first-batch review of Level 4 Qualification of Transportation by Port of Dalian Authority in Jul. 2002 and has built a professional worker team for transportation of general cargoes, dangerous cargoes, bulky cargoes and earth.


The Company optimizes its management from all aspects based on the management mode of modern enterprises and operates under DSICí»s production, quality and safety management systems from all aspects to ensure transportation quality and safety. The Company has also adopted modern management means and installed vehicle-mounted GPS (Global Satellite Positioning) system and network management system to standardize the corporate management and enhance continuously the management efficiency. The Company has been appraised subsequently as Dalian Advanced Unit for Traffic Safety Management in 1993, Dalian Advanced Unit for Traffic Management from 1996 to 1999, Advanced Enterprise for Road Transportation in 2000, Level A Taxpayer and Trustworthy Enterprise by Dalian State and Local Tax Bureaus in 2005, AAA Enterprise by Traffic Authority in 2006 and AA Taxpayer and Trustworthy Enterprise by Dalian State and Local Tax Bureaus in 2007.


Besides DSIC, the Company has also established partnership with many clients through its excellent management and service. Our major partners are: Shanghai International Paint Co., Ltd, Aalborg (Qingdao) Industry Co., Ltd, Dalian Marine Diesel Works, Dalian Marine Propeller, Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Zhenjiang CME Co., Ltd. The Company has developed a pattern of combining local distribution and transportation and long-distance transportation in Shanghai and Jiangsu.


The Company has now 208 vehicles, totaled to RMB150 million, including 32 overhead (80~120ft) working trucks (the US Genie), three 300~750t crawler cranes (German Liebherr), self-propelled 150~400t flat cars (German Kamag), six 1t backhoe loader (the US Case Corp), 52 semitrailers (10~60t), 40 trucks (3~27t), 10 truck cranes (8~50t), 37 forklifts (3~10t), 31 vans and pickup trucks. The Company has also the professional capacity for transport of dangerous cargoes. Totally, 16 vehicles have got Level II or Level III qualifications for transport of dangerous cargoes.


The Company has also a strong maintenance team, 1200m2 maintenance workshop and professional equipment for vehicle maintenance. The 50-member maintenance team led by two Engineering Masters has rich experience and capacity to maintain all equipment of the Company and guarantees effectively safe operation of vehicles through reasonable maintenance. The team has especially absolute advantages in maintenance and reform of key imported equipment. By regular technical exchanges and cooperation with key universities, the Company has been improving continuously its maintenance capacity.


We uphold the service tenet of í░Put Customer, Service and Quality Firstí▒ and the quality policy of í░Elaborate Management, Good Practice of Transportation, Sincere Service and Pursuit of Perfectioní▒, the service concept of í░Customers make no mistakes and we shall improve foreverí▒ and the service target of í░wining the trust of customers by our first-class services, your demand is our service target and your satisfaction is what we pursue ceaselesslyí▒. We would like to cooperate sincerely with clients and create a rosy tomorrow together.


Tel: 0411- 84482708  84482784

Fax: 0411- 84483600

Address: No. 1, Haifang Street, Xigang District, Dalian

P.C: 116021


DSIC Riveting Co., Ltd

DSIC Riveting Co., Ltd (former Dalian Shipyardí»s First Riveting Co., Ltd) is a subsidiary of DSIC and specializes in production of ship outfits. It is located in Maoyingzi Village, Dalian Bay Street and is adjacent to State Road 202 and enjoys convenient transportation.


The Company boasts technical strength and complete production facilities. It passed the accreditation by BV under ISO9001:2000 in 2003 and has been improving gradually its competitiveness based on the business concept of í░strengthening the foothold in DSIC and exploring the outside marketí▒. While providing ship outfits for DSIC, the Company gives full play to its advantages, expands its scope of business, explores the domestic and international market and undertakes the fabrication of large steel structures (like seats of marine cranes and large equipment) and black and white iron marine ventilators.


The Company occupies an area of 20800m2 and has 320 employees, including 4 engineers with senior professional titles, 12 engineers with medium professional titles and 28 technicians, and has built a team of skilled workers. Supported by DSIC, the Company has the capacity of designing and producing large steel structures and weldments in accordance with domestic and international standards. Major equipment: one 32t crane, four 15t cranes, one 20x2500 three-roll bending machine, one 300t hydraulic press, two 4x12m numeric control cutters and 2x9m photoelectric cutter, one 100x2500 and one 160x3200 bending machines, one 8x2500, one 12x2500 and one 20x2500 plate cutters, plasma cutter, argon welder and carbon dioxide welding machine (110 sets).


The Company persists to the quality policy of í░elaborate management, precise manufacture, sincere service and pursuit of perfectioní▒ and provides top-notch product and services to domestic and international clients with first-class management.


Address: Maoyingzi Village, Dalian Bay Street, Ganjingzi District, Dalian

Tel: 87112568

PC: 116113

DSIC Engineering Service Co., Ltd


DSIC Engineering Service Co., Ltd was founded in Apr. 1992 and is a secondary legal entity under DSIC.


Operating policy: Independent accounting and assuming sole responsibility for profits and losses; Corporate Nature: State-owned; Sector: Industrial enterprise; Registered capital: RMB6.86 million, Registered staff: 327 employees. Four functional departments and eleven units of production, life services, building, protective devices, sealing parts and riveting; Operating items and business scope: firstly, implement ventilation, temporary lighting, water supply and drainage for 1st and 2nd workshops, dock and slipway and secondly, focus on í░5Sí▒ management and services in 2nd workshopí»s production and living area; thirdly, buildings, PPE, sealing series, fabrication and installation of steel structures.


DSIC Engineering Service Co., Ltd has gone through three stages: (1) earliest construction, recruiting of redundant employees from corporate restructuring and guaranteeing their jobs from Apr. 1992 to 1998, (2) continuous recruiting of redundant employees from corporate restructuring, stabilizing staff team, independent innovation, active development, developing gradually its unique brand and features in promoting production services, life services, buildings, protective device, sealing and riveting and increasing gradually the sales income from 1998 to before the integration of two plants; (3) persisting to the corporate concept of í░Gain trust before you gain successí▒, striving forward, creating conditions continuously and exploring the market actively while consolidating its main business.

DSIC Rudder and Shaft Co., Ltd


DSIC Rudder and Shaft Co., Ltd was founded in Sep. 2006 and is located in DSICí»s plant. Occupying a land area of 40000m2, it is the first base for professional design, manufacture, installation and technical service of ship rudder and shafts in Dalian.


The Company has four workshops: bent plate, structure, machining and assembly and each workshop is equipped with bridge cranes with a lifting capacity of 200t. The Bent Plate Workshop is responsible for manufacturing marine bent plates, like shell boards, grooved and corrugated walls and outer boards of rudder blades. The Structure Workshop shoulders mainly the fabrication of rudder blades, stern tubes, fittings of main engine and boilers. The Machining Workshop has a complete range of large, medium and small machineries and meets not only the needs of machining marine shafts and rudders but also the fabrication of stern tubes, rudder horn, intermediate shaftí»s flange holes, seat of steering engine, dumb braceí»s hole, rudder blade cone hole, scraping and pre-installation of rudder systems, shaft systems and onboard installation and adjustment of rudder systems, shaft systems, auxiliary engines and main engine.


The Company has technical strength and a team of experienced experts and has built a R&D team comprised of old experts and young technical backbones to improve continuously its capacity of independent innovation and meet the market demand.


The Company operates DSICí»s ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 Quality, HSE and Environmental Management Systems and has obtained the accreditation certificate of í░DSIC Rudder and Shaft Co., Ltd Quality Management Systemí▒ issued by í░China New Era Quality Management System Accreditation Centerí▒. With effective operation and elaborate management of the quality management system, the Company has been delivering classic products to clients.


The product lineup: rudderstock, rudder pintle, intermediate shaft, stern shaft, hydraulic nuts, reamed bolts, nuts and other forged products, anchor mouth, casting of rudder horn, stern ball casting, upper and lower casting of rudder blade, rudder bearing and other casting products, rudder blade, stern tube, fittings of main engine and boiler and other marine outfitting, grooved and corrugated wall, shell boards, outer boards of rudder blade and bent plates. Moreover, the Company has also the capacity for R&D and manufacture of portable site processing equipment, truck for installation of marine shaft and blade, marine bending roll, marine lifting equipment, marine deck machinery, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, supplementary equipment for offshore structures, pressurized containers and other large equipment.  


The Company inherits the tenet of í░Serving DSIC, benefiting staff, elaborate management and continuous developmentí▒, sticks to the policy of í░Put quality and customer first, staff engagement and continuous improvementí▒, strengthens its foothold in DSIC, explores the national and global market and provides sincere services and top-notch products to customers.


The Bent Plate Workshop has one self-designed and manufactured 16m 2000t marine horizontally-adjusted numeric control bending rolls, one 12.5m 800t numeric control marine bending roll, one 14m 2000t marine horizontally-adjusted bending roll, one 1000t C-type single-arm hydraulic press, two 8m x 18m numeric control flame cutter, one 8m x 24m hotwork moulding platform and various marine curved boards, like shell boards, grooved and corrugated walls, outer boards of rudder blade. The workshop implements the first step of production. 


The Structure Workshop is a professional riveting workshop that integrates the assembly and welding, has a large batch of advanced welding equipment, mature management and advanced technologies. The Workshop has built a strong team of skilled workers, who shoulder the task of fabricating rudder blade, stern tube, fittings of main engine and boiler, shaft earthing devices and other ship outfits and structural members.


The Machining Workshop is an important workshop in the Company and shoulders the machining of large casting in the shaft and rudder systems. The workshop has a complete range of equipment (56 sets of general-purpose machining equipment), including large, medium and small lathes, milling machine, turning machine, boring machine, grinding machine, slotting machine and hobbing machine. The workshop has ŽŇ2.5m x 5m numeric control heavy-duty horizontal lathe with the longest machining length in China, ŽŇ6.5m x 15m heavy-duty horizontal lathe with the largest machining diameter in China and advanced numeric control gantry milling machine, numeric control ground boring machine and etc, which meets the needs of producing shaft and rudder products and machining large process equipment.


The Assembly Workshop shoulders the fabrication of stern tubes, rudder horn, intermediate shaftí»s flange holes, seat of steering engine, dumb braceí»s hole, rudder blade cone hole, scraping and pre-installation of rudder systems, shaft systems and installation and adjustment of main engines. It has 20 sets of advanced portable equipment and 8 trucks for scraping and pre-assembly. The workshop has built a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced workers. With mature and advanced assembly and adjustment skills, the workshop is specialized in scraping, pre-installation, installation and adjustment of rudder and shafts in China.


Address: No.1, Haifang Street, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China 

Tel: 0411-84482687

Fax: 0411-84482536

PC: 116021

E-mail: [email protected]


DSIC Steel Structure Fabrication Co., Ltd

DSIC Steel Structure Fabrication Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary under DSIC and has obtained the accreditation certificate of quality management system under ISO9001:2000 and qualification certificate of safe production issued by Dalian Safe Production Supervision and Management Bureau.


The Company has built a robust organizational structure, perfect management systems and worker team with technical strength. The Company has four functional departments of Production Operation, Technical Quality, Comprehensive Management and Accounting, six workshops, forty worker teams and 800 employees. 380 of them are welders with Level III or II qualification certificates issued by CCS. The Company has now a fixed asset of RMB5 million and 300 welding machines (like CO2 welding machine produced by Panasonic (Tangshan)).


The Company engages mainly in riveting, machining and painting and undertakes block fabrication, ship repair, fabrication of steel offshore structures, painting and outfitting for DSIC.


The Company has attended mainly the block fabrication for 300000t VLCC, 110000t product oil tanker, 5668TEU container vessel, 4250TEU container vessel, the latest generation of BINGO9000 offshore platform, JU2000 offshore platform and FPSO. Quality indexes meet requirements of DSIC, shipowners and inspectors and ensure smooth progress of the production plan.


The Company has built also eight barges (88m and 66m) for Japanese clients and its quality and speed were highly spoken by Japanese clients.


Address: No.1, Haifang Street, Xigang District, Dalian

Tel: 0411~84482810

Fax: 0411~84425029

P.C: 116021

Dalian Fujiazhuang International Village Co., Ltd 

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