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Discipline Inspection & Supervision

Responsibility of Discipline Inspection and Supervision

  The DSIC discipline inspection and supervision shall share the same office, where the responsible department is the Discipline Inspection & Supervision Department. The Discipline Inspection & Supervision Department shall strictly fulfill the dual functions of CPC discipline inspection and administrate supervision under leadership of DSIC Party Committee and top management.

The work of discipline inspection and supervision is to assists DSIC Party Committee in strenthening the establishment of a clean and honest party and leadership and conducting the corruption campaign in DSIC, supervising and urging the implementation of responsibility system for establishment of a clean and honest party and leadership, inspecting the status of various party groups and party members concerned implementing the CPC lines, guiding principles, policies, resolutions and democtratic centralism, conducting an efficiency supervision and inspection on the management behaviors of DSIC administrate & management departments and production units as well as the staff, receiving the accusation and report on the conducts against national laws, regulations and party disciplines as well as corruptions within DSIC, and doing well in the publicity and education of clean and honest behaviors so as to boost the awareness of all staff in anti-corruption and advocacy of honesty.


Acussation and Report

If you have found any conduct or corruption from the units and individuals under DSIC occurs, please report to the person in charge of relevant departments immediately. If failed to find a solution, please contact us directly. We shall conduct an investigation timely in accordance with the receiving procedure for appeals on legal issues, and we shall keep secret on your individual information according to the national laws so as to protect your right from any infringement.

DSIC party committee and administrate leadership shall combat the conducts against the laws and regulations as well as corruptions in any form, and support and understand the comments and reports on those misconducts from all staff and friends from all walks of life, where you can make a real-name or anonymous accusation by means of mail, visit, telephone, fax and electronic mail, etc. However, you must be responsible for the authenticity of affairs accused, with no frame-up and false evidence.


Reporting Modes

   Mail to: Discipline Inspection & Supervision Department, No.1 Haifang Street, Xigang Destrict, Dalian PC:116021

Visit to: Discipline Inspection & Supervision Department, 8th Floor, DSIC Scientific & Technical Comprehensive Building

Tel: 0411-84486847   0411-84487709

Fax: 0411-84486522

Mailbox: [email protected]

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